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Amy Carter in 2020 – Where is she Today?


There has been a curiosity to know more about Amy Carter, Jimmy Carter’s daughter, and this has led to many gossips going around. 

While this is obvious, there is a sense to get your facts right and stop hearing it from the grapevine. 

That’s why I decided to dig deep into the internet, explore a ton of resources to get you the facts you need. 

And while much is out there about Amy Carter, you should know that this post has been carefully researched to give you the most current details. 

Let’s jump right in. 

Who is Amy Carter? 

Amy Carter was born on October 19th, 1967. Amy Carter is Jimmy Carter’s daughter, the former president of the United States of America. During her father’s reign, Amy was the center of attraction for the media, which could have led to the numerous controversies about her. 

Amy Carter Family


Amy Carter was born In Georgia, but completed her education in Washington, after which she furthered her studies by pursuing both bachelor’s and master’s degree in Memphis College, and Tulane University based in New Orleans. 

Jimmy Carter became president in 1977 when Amy Carter was only nine years. And because Amy Carter was still a kid, she didn’t know how important she was, being the daughter of the president. Amy minded her own business while growing up and even gave the cold shoulder to politics. Instead, she started social activism. 

Amy was a staunch diehard of anti-racism gatherings, which made her go against the United States policies. She backed up African Apartheid, which led to her expulsion from University when she protested how CIA recruitments were carried out in her University. Today, Amy Carter resides with her husband in Georgia. 

Amy Carter’s Early Life and Childhood 

Like I said earlier, Amy was born in 1967 in the United States to Rosalynn Carter and Jimmy Carter. When Amy’s father, Jimmy Carter, became the Governor of Georgia, Amy was only three years old. The status of her father gave her a celebrity status, which made the media have more interest in following her life.  Below is Amy Carter picture: 

Amy Carter Early Life


After her father’s election as the Governor, Amy was forced to move to the Governor’s mansion. Later on, in 1977, her father was elected as the 39th president of the United States of America. Again, during this time, Amy Carter was forced to move into the White House based in Washington, DC, with her family. 

Amy Carter started her schooling at Stevens Elementary school in Washington, DC, and everyone was aware that she was the daughter of President Jimmy Carter. The constant snitch into her life by the media got her irritated, which made the school adopt some policies that would protect the celebrity kids. Worst of all, Amy Carter’s bodyguards had to wait for her in the school’s offices while she took her classes. This made it impossible for her to live a private life and even to make friends, 

However, Amy’s celebrity status did not bar her from going on with her studies. She joined Rose Hardy Middle School, and while taking her education there, her grandmother took good care of her. At least, she was off from the eyes of the media while her father was still the president of the United States. 

Amy was enthusiastic about arts, which made her join Brown University, where she was expelled by the University for participating in protests again CIA recruitment. She later furthered her studies by pursuing a bachelor’s and a master’s degree at Memphis College and Tulane University. 

Carter’s Life Towards the End of Her Father’s Presidency 

Even though she was the daughter of a President, Amy Carter lived a relatively simple life. Sources note that she was obsessed with skating around the White House. Surprisingly, Amy ‘built’ a treehouse, where she met her friends and held slumber parties there. 

The secret service agents monitored these parties. It is important to note that Amy Carter did not get the hands-off treatment like other United States president’s children. Controversies about Amy Carter emerged when she was spotted reading a book during a state dinner. 

Amy Carter Reading


When Jimmy Carter’s presidency ended, she went to Atlanta, where she continued her education at Woodward Academy. She then got admitted in Brown University and later Memphis College where she successfully completed her arts education. She wanted to further her studies, so she joined Tulane University to pursue her master’s degree in arts. 

Her Activism 

As an adult, Carter became famous for her determination with activism. She got involved in sit-ins, as well as protests between the years 1980s and 1990s. Amy even went further to declare in the 1980 presidential debate that the most critical thing about the upcoming elections (by then) was to control nuclear arms. 

Her aim with activism was to change the perception and take of the United States policy towards Central America, as well as the South African apartheid. She mostly collaborated with activists, Abbie Hoffman, and o13 others, who were apprehended during the protests at the University of Massachusetts. 

This protest was to confront how CIA recruitment in colleges. Amy Carter and Abbie Hoffman’s charges were later dropped during a trial in Northampton. 

Amy’s Personal Life and Marriage 

Despite being a president’s daughter, Amy believed in a simple life, and so was her dating life. She met James Gregory Wentzel, a computer consultant at Tulane University, whom she chose as her life partner. They dated for a couple of years before getting married in September 1996. 


After their wedding, they both decided to move to Atlanta to start a new chapter in life. Amy Carter and her husband later got a son named Hugo in 1999. Many sources do not mention Amy Carter’s children as she decided to maintain a low profile ever since she got married. 

Amy rarely attends interviews, protests, or anything that identifies her as a public figure. However, she still runs her term as a board member of the Carter Centre, a social group set up by her father to help in advocating diplomacy as well as human rights. 

Amy Carter’s Net Worth 

Various sources have estimated Amy Carter’s income to be $7 million, as\of 2019. A good percentage of her income comes from her father’s succession, though. Additionally, her father’s presidency endeavors also intrigue her income.    

Amy Carter Social Media Life 

Unlike other renowned people who choose to publicize their social lives, Amy Carter is exceptional. She has decided to keep her personal life disclosed despite her status. She is leading a private life away from social media for reasons best known to her. 

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