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Age of Empires 2 Torrent Downloads are causing PC Crashes


There is a thrill that comes with playing real-time strategy video games. Age of Empires 2 is one of the games that give you such a feeling. However, these games require subscriptions or payments to enjoy. Age of empires 2 torrent is one of the most common ways people use to access this game.

Torrent download is one of the ways people get access to restricted files, e.g., music, movies, series games, etc. However, there are risks associated with this illegal method of obtaining files. Keep reading, and you will see how.

What is Age of Empire 2 Torrent?

Age of Empires 2: The Age of Kings was initially released in 1999 on windows. This game has a predecessor titled The Rise of Rome. In subsequent years, it has been made available on other platforms like macOS and PlayStation 2.

With the advancement in technology, there has also been an improvement in the game, Steam digital distribution released the HD Edition of Age of Empire 2 on Windows in 2013. In November 2019, they released Definitive Edition. The game is set in the middle ages with thirteen civilizations for the player to explore. The game can be played in single-player or multi-player mode.

Age of empires 2 torrent is simply a means for gamers or users to acquire the game without having to pay anything. Using torrent downloads, you still have access to all the features of the game. However, this method of downloading the game has consequences.

How to play the game?

The Age of Kings is a strategy game. Your aim as a player is to build towns, gather resources, and create armies to destroy your opponents. The game is set in a 1000-year time frame covering the Dark age, feudal age, castle age, and renaissance.

The goal is to keep conquering rival tow and empires till your kingdom emerges as one of the thirteen civilizations. For every age you unlock, the player gets new units, structures, and technologies. The resources you gather and spend is what helps your advancement. Resources include food, gold, stone, and wood.

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The resources are used to improve technology, train the units, construct structures, and trade. You can also buy upgrades for your units’ gathering rate or speed. The Village unit is responsible for gathering resources, while the Military unit handles wars and security. The military group is split between the Naval unit, Archers, Infantry, siege weapons, and calvary.

The game is a lot more fun due to its multi-player function. You could have as many as eight co-players from anywhere in the world. As you play the game, you will get to discover many more exciting features that you will make you fall in love with the game.

Problems with Age of Empire 2 Torrent Downloads

When you try to find “Age of empires 2 torrent”, you will find a lot of sites that give you free access. However, some may require some personal data from you. However, most of these websites operate a peer-to-peer file sharing mechanism, which means almost anyone can have access to the site.

This begs the question of data safety because your information can be easily stolen and used for other purposes. If the torrent downloads files not separated from your sensitive document can be accessed, and taken by any mischievous hacker.  When you use torrents, you are vulnerable to online hack attacks.

Your activities on the torrent websites automatically put you at risk as a target for data theft. Although you may use VPNs to mitigate the risk and enjoy anonymous torrenting, the protection it offers still leaves you open to attacks from an expert hacker.

Another major issue with using torrent is that some of the files uploaded and downloaded are copyrighted. This means that when you download such files, you can be held liable for copyright infringement. This does not mean that all torrent files are illegal, but it is challenging to know which is or isn’t. It best to stay away from torrents to avoid sad stories.

Malware risks and Torrents are like two sides of a coin. You can almost not disassociate one from the other. Though not all files come with viruses, you can’t be sure if it is virus-free until you have downloaded the file. You can then run the file through a trusted anti-virus program. However, using torrent puts you at risk of having your PC crippled with Malware.

Ways to Play AOE 2 Legally

Downloading Age of empires 2 via torrent may seem like a good deal now until you have to deal with the damage occurs.  As you have seen, torrent downloads are risky. But here are some websites to play or download games legitimately.

age of empires hd verison
HD Version of Age of Empires 2
  1. Softpedia

This website has the biggest catalog of free software, which also includes games. Softpedia has over 47,000 free games, and you should be able to find some of your favorite games there. And the best part of this site is that it is free and legal.

  1. Steam

An excellent place to find the Age of Empire 2 is on steam. Although not all the games are free because you have to buy some of them, there are a lot of free games. Any Software you see on steam is legal. All you have to do is install the steam client and download it from the store.

  1. CNET Download

CNET is famous for giving access to popular games for a limited period. In essence, gamers have access to the trial version of brand name games like Age of Empires, Need for speed, etc. Any software on this platform is free and legal to download.

Now that you know the risk associated with using torrents avoid it. Your PC is safer when you get your files through the proper channels. Although most torrents files are obtained from communities or peer-to-peer sharing platform, it is difficult to trace the perpetrators of IP crimes. However, you also a party to an intellectual property offense and can be held liable. Now that you know some legitimate platforms to get your games, do the right thing!

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