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130+ About Me Quotes for Instagram Profile & Bio


In the 21st century, one of the biggest ways you make the first impression is with an attractive about me quote on your social media profile and bio. With more and more people shunning classic social media options such as Facebook, Instagram is rapidly becoming the place to be if you want to share your message and get noticed. And when people open up your Instagram Profile, the first thing they are going to read is the “About Me” Section and any quote you have written over there.

Instagram is used for modeling, gaining celebrity status, networking, promoting your business, recording your journey through life, your art, inspirations, and more. What you say on your profile and in your bio should reflect this. Your bio should be brief but memorable. Just as in real life a firm handshake and confident greeting make a great impression, online, what you say in your bio can tell the reader your hopes and aspirations, as well as your personality.

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But with so much at stake and factors such as readability and character limits to consider, what do you say? Don’t worry we have you covered! From meaningful sentiments, character profiles, to witty one-liners, in the list below you’ll find the perfect match for you and your Instagram profile, so you can get your message out there and most importantly, heard.

132 About Me Quotes for Instagram Profile & Bio

  1. Just a small girl in the big world
  2. Happy, hopeful, and full of heart
  3. Staying true to my hopes, dreams, and aspirations
  4. Each day we add a new page to the history books
  5. I’m a warrior in a world of worriers
  6. Everyone deserves to step into the spotlight once in their lives
  7. Soul searcher and adventure seeker
  8. Everything’s better if you add some sparkles
  9. High heels and even higher standards
  10. Gaining experiences, not possessions
  11. The world isn’t perfect so why do I have to be?
  12. My life, my rules
  13. I see each new day as a new chance for greatness
  14. You’d be surprised how far you get by being yourself
  15. Always 100% me
  16. Life’s a journey, wanna hitch a ride?
  17. Facing life with a smile
  18. The brightest crayon in the box
  19. Life’s more fun when you use all the colors of the rainbow
  20. Real queens uplift the entire kingdom
  21. No idea where I’m going, but I’ll let you know when I get there!
  22. In a world of sheep, I’m determined to be the shepherd
  23. Living boldly, loving fiercely, smiling widely
  24. Captivated by the little things
  25. I’m the sculptor of my life, and I intend to make a masterpiece!
  26. Each day I rewrite the story that others had written for me
  27. Practice what you Tweet
  28. I got a degree with honors in procrastination
  29. Better to live a short life well than a long life poorly
  30. If at first you don’t succeed…rip up the rulebook!
  31. Thriving not surviving
  32. Time may fly, but I have a pilots license
  33. Sometimes you just have to scratch the surface to see the beautiful underneath
  34. I’ll never shut the door against the bad because happiness usually follows
  35. It’s okay to close a chapter in life, so long as you’re ready to open another
  36. Life gave me lemons, so I planted their seeds and grew a lemon grove
  37. When life gives you melons you’re probably an Instagram model
  38. Making others smile is one of life’s greatest achievements
  39. Greatness isn’t a single act, it’s many little ones over a lifetime
  40. Normal? I busted out of that box years ago!
  41. You can’t lose your marbles if you never had them to begin with!
  42. Eternally sorry for what I said when I wasn’t caffeinated
  43. I was born crying, and I’ve never really stopped
  44. Grazed knees and stained jeans are the sign of an excellent adventure
  45. Keep your chin up girl, or your crown will fall
  46. There are thousands of worlds trapped inside books, and I intend to free them all
  47. I find that life is often as confusing as instructions from Ikea
  48. Curiosity hasn’t killed me yet!
  49. Dreams are just future realities
  50. Don’t settle for half-measures…unless you have work in the morning!
  51. My actions are the voice of my soul
  52. Why are you reading this?
  53. Forever a weekend dreamer
  54. Strangers are just friends you haven’t met yet
  55. These are the days of our lives
  56. Pictures capture a moment in time that is forever treasured
  57. If I ran around like the thoughts in my head I’d be ripped right now
  58. You can’t please everyone, you’re not a bar of chocolate
  59. Just a girl searching for her happy ever after
  60. Just a boy searching for his happy ever after
  61. The only falling I want to do is falling in love
  62. History is what we make it
  63. International man of mystery
  64. Opportunity can’t knock unless you build it the door
  65. Time is precious, make sure you waste every second you can
  66. I like to think I’m a humble caterpillar and soon I’ll transform and spread my wings
  67. Sometimes you have to be your own cup of tea
  68. Life is music, and you’re the conductor of your own orchestra
  69. Dreamer of all things
  70. Just you wait until I’m caffeinated
  71. The truth hurts, but so does being lied to
  72. Starbucks charges me rent
  73. Sometimes I dream that I’m writing a bio…oh wait
  74. Striving to make my dreams my reality
  75. Life is finite, live accordingly
  76. Your integrity is worth more than any diamond or any prize
  77. Experiences are the patches of the quilt we call life
  78. I may be an acquired taste, but that also means I’m a delicacy
  79. We’re tiny ants on a giant rock that’s spinning through space – does an Instagram bio really matter?
  80. You can be both the torrential rain and the sun that dries the downpour
  81. What doesn’t kill me makes me regret my life decisions
  82. Words are power, don’t let anyone take them from you
  83. The only thing blacker than my coffee is my soul
  84. Don’t just roll with the punches, punch back
  85. Remember, when ego trips, humble doesn’t stumble
  86. I agree that change is important to grow, but I’ll change on my own terms
  87. If life isn’t smiling on you, tickle it with your determination!
  88. Never met a slice of pizza I didn’t like
  89. Life may not be perfect, but I’m going to make sure my make up is!
  90. Born free, but adding value each day
  91. Chocolate will never question you, instead its always there in your fridge!
  92. Even if I had instructions it’d take you years to figure me out
  93. I like my coffee how I like my men. I don’t like coffee
  94. Sorry sugar, you’re just not my cup of tea
  95. Live your weekday, every day, like its the weekend
  96. Caving into social pressure since (add join date)
  97. I’m going to be super active on here for a few months then forget my account exists
  98. I’m only on here to vicariously live my life through others’ accounts
  99. A curious but cautious kinda gal
  100. Even the worst photos look better on Instagram
  101. Instagram turns bad photography into ‘edgy art’
  102. Eternally grateful that stories delete after 24 hours
  103. The youngest old romantic you’ll meet
  104. Nocturnal, not by choice
  105. An eternal explorer with restless feet
  106. I was a book work now I’m a book butterfly
  107. Just like every book searches for the perfect nook, I too search for the perfect place to lay my head.
  108. Constantly seeking. Always searching. For what, I don’t know
  109. Working hard for the me I want to be
  110. Once you learn how to channel your creativity the whole world becomes your canvas
  111. Behind every great Insta bio, there’s bound to be a great woman
  112. If only you could see what’s outside of the filter
  113. It’s better to give everything than have everything
  114. This is my journey, why don’t you join me for the ride?
  115. If you like what you see you ain’t seen nothing yet!
  116. Why stress when I can snap?
  117. Excuses rarely get you further than the first hurdle
  118. Always on the hunt for the next adventure
  119. Spending each day living, loving, and learning
  120. Like a ticking clock, I will keep going – though hopefully not in circles!
  121. Too deep to get caught up in drama
  122. Dreaming of a different world
  123. Permanent resident of Area 51
  124. More resolutions, less regrets
  125. It’s not you making me smile, it’s my inner monologue
  126. Breaking the fourth wall harder than Deadpool
  127. Movie buff and popcorn connoisseur
  128. Wine is one of my five-a-day
  129. Traning for that next touchdown
  130. If I’m honest I’m only here to stalk my ex
  131. Facebook was too personal and Twitter was too scary
  132. Enchanted by the little things

thriving not surviving quote for instagram about me quote for travellers my life my rules - quote for about me impressive quote for profile bio

Final Thoughts

Choosing the right message to put out there is important, and if you haven’t found the perfect about me quote from this list, don’t worry. Many of the unique quotes for profiles on this list can be customized, or mixed-and-matched to create a statement that perfectly describes you. At the end of the day, being authentically you is the most important part of an Instagram bio. Showing your unique flavor and personality can be what you need to stand out from the crowd and have your first big break in whatever endeavor you’ve set your heart on. Don’t let something as simple as a bio stand in your way.

Do you know of any Instagram user with amazing quotes on their profile? Share it with us using the comment form below.

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