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10 Alternatives to 9KMovies to Watch & Download Movies for Free


9KMovies is a very popular free, torrent-based unlawful movie streaming and download website. Very popular in India and Pakistan but also well-regarded worldwide, 9KMovies features not only Bollywood movies but Tollywood and Hollywood movies too.

While the site has been doing great at dodging the authorities, it was recently shut down, which is a common problem faced by this type of site. According to recent reports, the site is now back online, but it is hard to tell whether or not these examples are clone sites.

Understandably, if you’re a big fan of 9KMovies, you’ll need a new site to fill the gap. After all, when a site is taken down once it commonly gets taken down far more quickly each time that it resurfaces. With this in mind, we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 best alternatives to 9KMovies.


We’ve selected the sites on this list because they most closely match the service that 9KMovies offers, by this content, layout, accessibility, or popularity. We hope you find you’re next favorite movie downloading and streaming website through this article!

1. Movie Watcher

movie watcher logoMovie Watcher offers a great combination of Hollywood and Bollywood movies. The titles on the website are available for streaming as well as downloading. Alongside movies Movie Watcher also offers TV series too. The titles available can be accessed via streaming links or by being embedded in a player. It is estimated that around 95% of shows and movies available on Movie Watcher have multiple working links, but in the case of broken links, users can report issues. Rating link quality is a great user feature too!

Movie Watcher is operated as a community website which means that users are responsible for uploading links, checking link quality, and improving the site for all. The website is completely free to access, and doesn’t require any type of sign-up details. If you find yourself on a site presenting as Movie Watcher which requires you to log, then you’ve likely stumbled upon a clone website, so make sure you never enter any type of information as the authentic site won’t require this.

Visit Movie Watcher

2. Yes Hollywood

yes hollywood logoFormally known as iPAgal, Yes Hollywood is most well-known for the variety of comedy movies it offers. All titles on Yes Hollywood’s website are available to stream online or download. Unlike 9KMovies which offers free movie downloads of many languages, the large majority of the titles on Yes Hollywood’s website are Bollywood movies, but recently more and more Hollywood movies have been added. Therefore in a few months Yes Hollywood should offer an exciting variety of titles both Eastern and Western.

Another factor of Yes Hollywood’s website which makes them stand out from their competitors is the variety of recent Hollywood releases such as ‘Truth or Dare’ and ‘Glass’ which have been dubbed in Hindi. There are limited filters for your searches, however, as you can only pick between searching for ‘Hollywood Movies’ and ‘Hollywood Dubbed Movies’ instead of other options such as genre, A-Z, year, or keyword.

A negative of Yes Hollywood is the large amount of pop-ups which make navigating the site a pain. Therefore if you love this site it’s best to install an ad-blocker.

Visit  Yes Hollywood

3. Popcorn Time

popcorn time logoPopcorn Time is commonly regarded as a brilliant free alternative to popular subscription services such as Netflix and Amazon Prime. It is very similar to 9KMovies in services offered, but the interface is very premium. There is a large range of TV shows and Movies. Popcorn Time is part of the well-known service Putlocker and is the most popular option in their range of websites. The site is completely free and has no sign-up requirements.

Something which sets Popcorn Time apart from other streaming and download websites is the fact that the majority of their titles are available in HD and include subtitles, making it accessible for persons with special needs, those with English as a second language, and foreign language films. There is also no waiting or download time when using Popcorn Time, as instant playback is available.

Visit Popcorn Time

4. Hoxx VPN

Now you may be wondering why a VPN service finds it’s way onto this list. Hoxx VPN offers a great alternative for those who already pay for subscription streaming services that wish to extend the range of titles available to them. Hoxx VPN unblocks geo-restricted sites, put simply it shields your location and allows you to connect to a variety of international networks.

This means that, to give Netflix as an example, through using Hoxx VPN you can access US, UK, Australian, Japanese, Korean, Indian, (the list goes on) Netflix without needing an account from the respective country. This means that if you’re a fan of American sitcoms, or love K-dramas, or are a Bollywood addict you can access the wider range of Netflix’s content.

Hoxx VPN is available completely free or a paid premium version. It is a browser extension and is available on Chrome and Firefox. Downloading and installing the extension takes only a few minutes, and works right away with no lengthy sign-on process. It can be turned off and on with the click of a button, meaning you can use it only when you need it. Connecting to different countries is simple too, and only takes a few clicks.

Its is perhaps one of the only legit options in the list to watch movies without too much trouble. But if you are used to platforms like 9Kmovies, then you can move on to next website on our list.

If you don’t have Netflix account, you can consider learning more about Netflix Cookies and how they work.

Get Hoxx VPN

5. Fmovies

f movies free movie download logoMost readers will probably already know about FZmovies or FMovies, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t worth a spot on this list. Where a lot of free video streaming sites fall under Putlockers’ umbrella, Fmovies isn’t affiliated, making it a great choice for those who for whatever reason cannot use or do not support Putlocker.

Fmovies has a broad range of titles available and is very similar to 9Kmovies in its interface. Best of all, it aims to add films to their site within a week of their cinematic release, meaning you can watch the latest movies before they come available on DVD or home streaming. Like Popcorn Time there is the option to watch movies in HD and with subtitles should you require them.

Navigating the website is a breeze. It is just as easy to find what you’re looking for as it is to find something new and exciting. Fmovies categorizes its titles in a variety of different ways allowing you to select a film that is highly rated on IMDB, from a specific country, or genre, or even a full A-Z list. Alongside films, Fmovies also has a large variety of TV shows to binge upon.

Visit Fmovies

6. Los Movies

los movies logoLos Movies is definitely one of the top choices for watching English-language movies online. Because of this, the website is only available in English, so the site might be more tricky to navigate for international users.

Los Movies doesn’t offer a download option unlike 9KMovies. You can, however, watch it’s large range of titles in HD video quality online. The main downside of Los Movies is that it has a lot of adverts, meaning that unless you like closing multiple pop-ups and windows you’ll need a good ad-blocker to navigate the website without stress. Finally, it is also worth noting that Virgin Media users are blocked from accessing Los Movies. While not confirmed this may be the case for users of other service providers too.

Visit Los Movies

7. Pycker

pycker logoPycker is both an online streaming service and movie and celebrity news website all in one. Its very Similar to 9KMovies. On Pycker you can stay up-to-date with the latest releases, or the work of your favorite actors or actresses. Pycker was created by a group of film fanatics. They work hard to curate the best movie-related content including articles, and movies to watch online for free. The information that Pycker presents is streamlined.

This means that users can access relevant information without needing to scroll through several pages. Users can also review and rate the movies featured on the website, meaning that other users can easily pick their next favorite film.  They also have entire data of Hotstar available, which the probably got by luring people through Hotstar scams.

9kmovies website interface
Pycker currently offers movies from five different channels; Tollywood (Bangla), Tollywood (Telugu), Bollywood (Hindi), Kollywood (Tamil) & Mollywood (Malayalam). This means that as of present Pycker caters solely to Indian film. This can be viewed as both a positive and a negative. Of course, many users wish to watch the latest movies from Hollywood, but there is also a large group of people looking for Bollywood, Tollywood, and so on. Pycker finds the best selection of Indian movies and compiles them together on one convenient website. Best of all, Pycker is currently working on expanding the channels and films they offer. While details of this haven’t been confirmed, this may include western or Hollywood movies.

Visit Pycker

8. 123Movies

123movies logoAlongside Putlocker, 123Movies is probably the most well-known service and is a great alternative to 9KMovies. 123Movies offers a wide range of movies, both classic and current, as well as TV series. The website specializes in HD online streaming. It is worth noting that on 123Movies sound quality is also taken into account. This is great for helping you to avoid the irritating scenario of a brilliant quality picture with horrendous audio.

123Movies allows you to pause and play your movie whenever you want and boasts a wide range of genres from comedy to romance. There is a variety of international and foreign-language film too.

Like many of the other sites on this list, there is no subscription fee and no sign-up required. Unlike some of the other sites, however, 123Movies offers not only HD 720p quality but 1080p quality too. Another great aspect of this website is the search feature. 123Movies has a large database of films, which somes makes it quite challenging to find the film you are looking for. 123Movies has thought of this, and their in-site work engine organizes search results in a logical manner.

Visit 123Movies

9. HD Euro Pix

hd euro pix logoHD Euro Pix is a little-known alternative to 9KMovies. This is because it doesn’t feature on Google searches, so the direct link needs to be used. The site offers a respectable range of movies including the latest releases such as ‘Birds of Prey’ and ‘the Gentleman’. English subtitles are available on most movies, and where this isn’t the case, subtitles can be manually added. The website initially specialized in European movies, but in recent years have added American, Japanese, and Chinese releases to their repertoire.

The title search on HD Euro Pix has the added benefit of allowing you to search by year. This means that if you can’t remember the name of the movie, you can scroll through titles of the year of release. Users can also search by genre, or within the TV show catalog or movie catalog.

The website is completely free and does not require any sign-up. There are a large number of adverts on this website. This includes pop-ups which open new tabs as well as in-window ads. Therefore, it is essential you use an ad-blocker when using HD Euro Pix. However, make sure you white-list the site if you notice none of the video-players on the site are working – as this can be a common issue.

Visit HDEP

10. Snag Films

snag films logoIf you’re looking for something a little more offbeat, then check out Snag Films. Snag Films’ champions indie movies, and movies with a philanthropic cause which they call ‘filmanthrophy’. The website is quite small scale with only around 2,000 titles, but is completely free and offers enticing titles that you’ve likely not heard of before. This makes Snag Films a great option if you’ve become bored with the mainstream offerings of other platforms.

Snag Films doesn’t offer downloads, but another positive point about Snag Films is its accessibility. Snag Films is compatible with Apple (including iPhone and Ipad) and android through their free-to-download app. The website is compatible with mobile phones, tablets, PC and Mac, OTT devices, and Smart TV’s making watching wherever and whenever a few simple clicks away.

Visit Snag Films

Sit Back and Relax!

We hope this list has helped you to find you’re new go-to movie streaming and download website. The entries on this list cover everything from Bollywood Movies, Hollywood Movies, Dubs, streaming and downloads, VPN’s, TV Shows, and indie movies. All you’ve got to do is to sit back, relax, and put on a movie! Make sure you have popcorn!

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