5 Best 2 Player Board Games Still Playable in 2020


In the present day, nearly everything is digital. The average person spends up to 10 hours a day with an electronic gadget of some sort. Even games have been taken over by the digital era. People just don’t play outside, play with cards or even board games as they once used to. That’s why we decided to create this list of the 5 best 2 player board games still playable in 2020. Don’t worry, we’ll also mention some of the best board games for couples On our list.

Why play board games?

Board games are so old fashioned and can never be as good as video games, that’s what many of you think. But although board games don’t have the amazing graphics or even the mind-blowing sound effects, there are some things they give you that you can never get from a video game.

Benefits of board games?

  1. Family time. This is probably the greatest benefit of playing board games. People just don’t have time for the family anymore. It’s quite difficult to have time for family when you’re trying to manage your busy schedule. The kids are stuck in front of the TV playing video games or someone’s trying to catch up with the latest episodes of their favorite soap opera.
  2. Board games bring the family together and strengthen family bonds.
  3. It lowers the blood pressure. As playing board games involve a lot of laughter and a generally good mood, it helps to lower blood pressure.
  4. Relieves stress. When feeling stressed people sometimes play board games as a way to unwind and relax. This has been confirmed with an online survey.
  5. Child development. Board games teach children the focus and concentrate for longer periods of time. They also help children develop reasoning and logic skills.
  6. It helps us feel good. It’s normal to laugh while playing board games, and this activity increases endorphin, a chemical found in our body that promotes happiness.

Best 2 Player Board Games


Although it is called a board game, it doesn’t actually have aboard. All you need is a flat surface to start playing this game which is much like chess. It is one of the best for the fact that its very simple to play yet it also involves deep strategy.

The game is much like chess. Tiles with bugs on them are distributed to each player. Each piece has different movements just like chess pieces. And, as can be guessed from the name of the game, the most important piece is the queen, which has to be protected from being blocked by other pieces.

This game can be played with different strategies and can be counted among the best board games for couples.

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Sherlock Holmes: The Thames Murders and Other Cases

Do you have a secret fantasy of being a detective? Then this is the best game for you. In this amazing board game, you work alongside Sherlock Holmes himself. It involves gathering leads and looking for clues in order to solve the next big case. The game is played on a board which depicts the map of London and reading stories of the case you need to solve.

sherlock holmes two player board game

There are only 10 cases to be solved. Honestly, once you’ve played them all, there’s really no fun in playing again. But, it’s sold at a low price and the game is worth every penny, or whatever you use to buy it.

You win the game by solving cases more completely or faster than Sherlock Holmes himself (not an easy task) and are guided along by clues and even a newspaper that contains hints.

The game is best played with your significant other. That way you can hate Mr. Holmes together when you eventually lose to him.

Escape: The Curse of The Temple

This game is fun for a casual playthrough and will be less appealing to hardcore gamers as they really can’t control how the game goes. This game depends far more on luck than strategy. It is the only fast-paced game on this list. It doesn’t give you the time to make decisions like the others. This game involves frantic, high-speed dice-rolling in order to explore the ancient temple and escape before the time runs out. The game is relatively easy to play. The game is played through individual tiles that are unlocked and placed on the board as you play along. Each player rolls five dice in a bid to explore and exit from the temple, and if your unlucky you just might roll the cursed mask symbol that stops you from them again till they are unlocked.

escape board game for 2 players

The best part is that this game comes with a cd which serves as a timer and has a soundtrack that makes the game even tenser. Once the music starts, you must find shelter at the center tile or you’ll permanently lose the use of a tile.


This is a game that seems easy and simple when you start but quickly becomes challenging as you progress in the game.

Each player is given a small, flat square template and has to fill it with the provided quilt pieces. What makes it hard is the fact that these quilt pieces all have very weird shapes that make them inconvenient for filling the template and the ones that aren’t, are too expensive to use at the start of the game. And once the pieces are placed, they can’t be moved thereby greatly increasing the difficulty of the game. It’s a great game for a couple who like puzzles.

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Android: Netrunner

This is a very addictive game and if for the most hardcore of gamers and has many professional tournaments. This game is the ultimate two-player game and is a strategy based. It can be simple to learn but will take hundreds of hours to truly master.

best 2 player board game - netrunner

In this game, one player is a major corporation while the other is a hacker. If the corporation uses valuable information before the hacker gets it, then the player playing as a corporation wins and vice versa. This is a good game for couples who are developing their skills in the game together as it is boring to play against a more experienced player who will always completely trash you due to how the game is designed.

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Final Words

Once in a while, it’s good to just unwind and play a game with your family. Video games may be lit, but they take up too much time and don’t really involve much social interaction. I hope our list of the best 2 player board games was able to help you find the best game to play with your family or significant other.

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