12 LetMeWatchThis Alternatives that just work


LetMeWatchThis was a great website where we could watch the latest blockbuster movies, and we didn’t even have to pay for it. Or sometimes, when your feeling bored, you’d just go to their site to watch those old movies that you loved so much but are no longer playing in the cinemas.

Where did LetMeWatchThis go?

The regular users who used this website to kill boredom just went online one day to find that LetMeWatchThis had disappeared. This must-have put them into such a bad mood until they discovered a while later that it had simply started another site with a new name. The reason why it seemingly disappeared is that it was blocked, and this does not pertain to LetMeWatchThis alone, it concerns every popular free movie streaming site.

Why do these sites get blocked?

Sites where we can watch free movies and tv series always get blocked at some point. The very old fans of LetMeWatchThis will know that it was once called PrimeWire. The reason for the blocking and why it had to change the name is rather surprising. It was blocked because of its popularity.

Copyright holders and the organizations that track copyright won’t and probably don’t have the time to stop every new free movie site that suddenly pops up. But when the sites gain enough popularity and start to actually affect their revenue, they attack. They force the ISPs (Internet Service Providers) to block these sites. These blocked sites then restart with a new name and the cycle begins anew.

12 Good LetMeWatchThis Alternatives


popcornflix - alternative for letmewatchthis

Its catchy name is not just for show. It has a neat ad simple layout that makes it easy to use. They have a huge library of movies containing old retro movies, those movies you loved but could never remember the name and even the latest blockbuster movies. It’s a site where thousands, if not millions, of movie lovers, go when they just have to find something to watch.

It is one of the few legal movie streaming sites, yes, I said legal. Popcornflix stays free by making you watch ads, a price I consider cheap in exchange for a whole movie. It is a subsidiary of screen media ventures and started in July 2010. Now you can watch this on:

  • com
  • Xbox one
  • iPhone
  • iPad
  • Roku
Visit Popcornflix


letmewatchthis alternative - solarmovie

This is one of the best among all free movie streaming sites. It enables you to watch all tv and movie series in HD and without any annoying buffering (pre-loading data ahead of your current point in the movie) which consumes extra data. It has a wide collection of movies and even has Bollywood and Asian movies. The latest movies are available and can be watched in HD.

Movies can be downloaded for later watching and the speed of the download is very fast. All genres of movies such as comedy, tragedy, action, and others are available and can easily be located through their already categorized database of movies.

Visit SolarMovie



YouTube is the largest streaming platform in the world, it hosts millions of videos and is probably as popular as the internet itself. You’re probably wondering what YouTube is doing the list, I mean, YouTube doesn’t show movies, they only show cute cat videos and stuff right? That’s wrong, there are thousands of movies that you can watch for free on YouTube. These movies are of standard quality and can even be download using special software like a YouTube downloader. The only problem with watching movies on YouTube is the fact that their are usually old movies or low budget amateur films. Hotstar Premium has taken the latest movie audience away from youtube. Although, you can always find a rare gem, maybe an amateur movie maker who ends up making a really great movie.

An added advantage is the fact that movies on YouTube are easy to review. You can just check the no. of likes or read a couple of reviews to know just how good a movie is.

Visit YouTube


This is pretty much a free version of Netflix. Just like Netflix, it has an app, and this app is easy to use and looks very appealing. Crackle allows you to watch a wide variety of movies, from family classics like home alone to crazy gothic horror movies like Dracula and comedy movies like Back to school.

sony crackle logo

Crackle also has its own original productions, another reason why it’s so similar to Netflix, but thankfully still free. The layout of the website is basic and very easy to navigate and at the same time has a good filter that helps you easily locate the movie you want and maybe see a similar movie that you might decide to watch next. Downloading the app is a very good idea. You’ll be able to watch your favorite movies anywhere and it doesn’t even consume that much data and battery life.

Visit Crackle


Among all the websites on this list, this is probably the best for those who just want to download a movie and keep it for later. I advise only those who plan to watch the movies from their phones to watch this because the quality of the video is just okay for the screen resolution of a larger phone, anything larger like maybe an iPad or laptop and the quality will drastically reduce. It has a very simple although not so neat or nice looking.

fzmovies - screenshot

The layout of the app is kind of scattered but doesn’t affect your ability to locate movies. It probably has more redirecting links and adds than any other website on this LetMeWatchThis alternatives list. The one and the only reason why this website is on this list is simply how easy it is to find the movie you’re looking for. It has practically all movies, even those that are still currently showing in the cinemas, and in good enough quality for smartphone users.

Visit FZMovies


This is another great site for bored people who just want to entertain themselves, but the best thing about Vumoo is not its movies, but rather the tv series. Vumoo has a great video player that shows all the available episodes of a certain series you’re currently watching. This allows you to binge a whole season without rest, a great thing for those who really don’t have anything to do at that time, but bad for those who just wanted to while away an hour and end up spending hours of time online. So, I advise you not to use Vumoo if you only have a little free time. The episodes on Vumoo uses several different servers, making it very easy to switch between episodes.

Visit Vumoo


Have you been in a situation whereby no matter how you look at your favorite streaming site you still can’t find a particular movie that’s on your mind? And even after wasting energy and time you still can’t find that movie, well… You’re not the only one who’s been there. Afdah is the best and most simple solution to this problem. Afdah does not actually show any movies, rather, it redirects you to sites that do. It scrapes all genres of movies and when you search for the movie that has been giving you problems, it just shows you all sites where these movies can be found.

Visit Afdah


This website is so good that its bad, it is extremely popular and most free movie fans go there to watch their movies, this leads to the website constantly having issues due to the very large number of requests. But the reason it is on this list is that we are considering the times. Albeit rare, when the site is working fine. The homepage and other pages of this site are so dynamic and beautifully designed. This keeps you hooked from the first moment. It boasts of one of the most simple, neat and concise page layouts. The fans of this website have come up with a timing system for using it. They only watch movies on IOMovies early in the morning or after midnight when the online traffic is very low.

Visit IOMovies


PutLocker is one of the oldest streaming sites still around. Like LetMeWatchThis it has been blocked several times and has had to change its domain name many times over the years. Thankfully, it is still around and now offers a huge collection of both the old-time classics and the most recent Tv series and movies. One of the greatest features of the site is the fact that it not only shows the latest movies, but you can also watch Asian films, anime, and cartoons whenever you feel like taking a rest from watching movies. PutLocker is rightfully one of the Fathers of free online streaming sites for it has survived even after so many years, being one of the older streaming sites still around and giving us quality entertainment.


CoolMovieZone is another good alternative to LetMeWatchThis. It has a dark and cool layout that really catches your attention if you’re visiting it for the first time. On the homepage, they display a large image of their currently most popular movie and constantly change it as the popularity of the movies on their site changes.

The major fault of CoolMovieZone is the fact that it likes to trick its visitors into registering on irrelevant sites that do not relate to it in any way. They do this because each time you go to register on these sites, they earn some money. All you have to do to avoid this is to only click the links located below the movies. It provides a wide range of Bollywood movies which other sites don’t, making it a good choice for Bollywood fans.

Visit CoolMovieZone


SnagFilms is another one of the biggest free online streaming sites to go to when you feel like watching a movie. It contains a wide variety of content including videos such as documentaries, independent films and tv series that are all completely free and can be watched from anywhere.

SnagFilms is the number one site for finding independent films (these are films produced by small scale film studios and distributed by small-scale entertainment companies), made by independent filmmakers.

The site has thousands of tv programs and movies by independent filmmakers that are shared onto the site. This website also has its own mobile app which is available on iPads, Android and iPhone.

Visit SnagFilms


This is one of the best alternatives to LetMeWatchThis and I intentionally placed this last so as to show that this list does not follow any order and that none of these sites is completely better than the others.


123Movies is another one of the older free online streaming sites, it has been around for a long time but has had to change its domain name many times in order to survive. It offers a very wide range of movie genres including genres such as comedy, action, adventure, horror, thriller, family and many more that will help you erase the boredom that’s afflicting you. It’s another one of the better sites on this list where you can watch their movies without having to register.

The website has a wonderful design and presents movies in a way that makes you too curious not to check them out. The website has a large collection of tv series and movies and even has a section where you can see upcoming films.

Visit 123Movies

Final Words

So, the list above contains some of the best alternatives to LetMeWatchThis. I would like you to know that the list does not follow any particular order. All those sites are among the best online streaming sites available and they are all free. Some of them are as popular and old as LetMeWatchThis but have somehow managed to survive and continue to provide us with quality content. Although LetMeWatchThis is not available anymore, I’m sure that these sites can easily serve as good replacements and you might even find yourself preferring them to LetMeWatchThis.

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