whatsapp dp ideas for boys to look cool

10 Amazing WhatsApp DP Ideas for Boys to Look Cool


Whatsapp DP is a profile picture and every one of us wants to take the best Whatsapp DP images without spending hefty price to a professional photographer. It is a well-known fact that a boy’s choice is considered poor when it comes to art. And, DP images are nothing but a piece of art. But, it is an important piece of art that can help you to become a social media brand. We can camouflage our faults by our charm and use of language but, in social media, your first impression ins only made with your DP images.

Importance of Profile Picture

In today’s digital era, a person will start a conversation with a person whose picture says all the good things about him. There is nothing better to define you than your natural appearance. But, you can enhance all the positive facets of yourself by taking care of tips that are mentioned in the article.

There are a lot of things one can learn about a boy with the help of DP images. There are several obvious amateur detective works based simply on DP images. For Example, A boy with DP images of holding skateboard is out-doors and cool while a girl with a pouty selfie face is considered to be concerned about her appearance.

Nevertheless, it is also true that a glance at your DP images is more than enough for someone to rate you precisely in many dimensions. Here is a brief list which helps someone to analyze your personality with the help of Whatsapp DP Images –

  1.  Conscientiousness
  2.  Openness
  3.  Extraversion
  4.  Neuroticism
  5.  Agreeableness

10 Amazing Whatsapp DP Ideas

However, if we search online then there are more ideas on converting DP images cool and amazing for us than we can digest. So, let us make this article quicker while targeting on the effective methods that can turn your simple profile picture into an amazing and cool Whatsapp DP.

Pretend to be Busy when someone is taking your picture
  1. Let Someone Else to Choose Your DP Images

It is a well-known fact that we appreciate our every look. But, people out there are going to make judgments, so letting them choose our DP images will benefit us. Everyone looks for the three most important things which are: attractiveness, trustworthiness, and proficiency. And, a stranger can identify better than us. The simple reason for someone else can see all the trifecta in your Whatsapp DP but you cannot is because you are too familiar with your face. And, since you are too familiar, you will not notice the small things whereas a stranger will definitely judge you more harshly. A micro-second is enough for someone else to notice the presence or absence of trifecta in your DP images. Thus, helps you choose amazing images that look cool.

  1. Avoid Wearing Clothes with Neutral Colors

Neutral colors are boring and, they do not show the best part of your personality. Best Whatsapp DP can be taken when you are wearing colors like red. Avoiding neutral colors will psychologically help others to think positively about you. And, the judgmental crowd out there will find you more attractive. Also, you will stand out from the people who chose to wear neutral colors.

Brighter Colors for Whatsapp DP Make you Pop Out
Brighter Colors Make you Pop Out
  1. Never Use a Selfie

It sounds strange to not use a selfie for DP images, but it is also a fact that selfies are completely random and they cannot be trusted if we want amazing Whatsapp DP in our profile. Moreover, taking a good selfie is not a child‘s play. You need to spend hours daily to master selfie. Yet, there is no guarantee that you will be successful to take a cool selfie. Especially, we boys are very persistent but less patient for such a job. So, avoiding it will only help you when it comes to boys.

  1. Show Your Face

Make a strict rule for you to not hide face in your DP images. Your face is a representation of your personal brand. And, social media engagement is all based on trust, and hiding your face will make you look unreliable. And, people want to judge you before engaging with you. Thus, showing face in Whatsapp DP for boys is very essential.

  1. Squinch and Squint for Amazing Images

Most of us choose a wide-eyed picture thinking that it makes us look more attractive. But, the effects of this choice is the opposite of what we believe. It is wise to choose a wide-eyed, side-angled face for a portrait. But, when you are looking for amazing DP images then you shall aim to squinch your face 80% and squint eyes 20%. It will make you look attentive in your DP images which will result in better social media engagement. Since judgmental crowd out there will find you reliable and trust you instantaneously.

Candid WhatsApp DP Idea
Candid Poses are Excellent
  1. Smile for Best Whatsapp DP

A smile in your face will only add positive traits in your Whatsapp DP. The embodiment of squish, squint, and smile makes us look cool and friendly. But, what kind of smile is considered best? Boys who flash a smile showing some of their teeth are considered as more influential, and likable. Everyone wants to engage with a person who is attentive, influencer, trustful, and friendly. The combinations of these positive traits give amazing results in Whatsapp DP for boys. Also, if you are worried about looks then a simple smile is all you need for best DP images. And, good teeth are also considered as a sign of good health which is indeed a positive trait about which viewer shall know about you.

Whatsapp DP with Rearview mirror
Look Ultra-Cool with this DP
  1. Posture Matters

A good posture makes you look more confident and, confidence has always been sexy. Best Whatsapp DP is only possible with good posture. Straight back with no hunching will help to avoid looking sloppy and unconfident. Lots of us choose DP with friends in the picture. And, if you are hunching to keep yourself from towering your friends then you can try to spread your legs instead of hunching. Spreading your legs while you are standing is a better option to line up with your friends. This idea works better when a picture is shot from the waist up.

good posture for DP
Good Posture is always Important
  1. Take Advantage of Backgrounds

It is a fact that DP images are judged with stuff like, clothes, expression and posture. But, it never stops there only. The background is always scrutinized before considering the best Whatsapp DP. The background of an image acts as a signal for people. They take notice of background before awarding you a positive verdict. It is quintessential to make everything visible to add a positive impression in your DP images.

  1. Good Lighting is Always Important

Lighting is always a key factor in creating amazing DP images. It is important to determine the tone, mood, and atmosphere. When light originates from the back of the camera, pointing directly onwards will lead to an image with shadow in the background. And, a direct flash of the camera may make you look older than you are, which you precisely want to avoid. So, it is a wiser choice that kind of light that originates from the side making you look brighter to create a cool and distinctive DP image. Natural light always makes a picture look more sharp and lovable. Try to take some pictures just after sunrise or right before sunset to take advantage of mellow golden light which enhances everything look better.

  1. Say No to Filters

It is a common belief that filters are there to make your DP images amazing and cool. But, the truth is quite the opposite of it. Filters take away the originality of the DP images. And, it is strictly a no-no for cool Whatsapp DP for boys. You will take the pain to showcase all your positive traits in DP images and filters will destroy it. Before using a filter, ask yourself that, if your picture does not look original then how will you look positive in someone else’s eyes? Over-photoshopping will not only make your picture less appealing but also make you unrecognizable. So, avoiding the filters is best for an amazing Whatsapp DP. If you want people to remember you, then you can keep changing your DP images from time to time. This way, people will see different colors of you.

Final words

The profile picture of yours is a reflection of your personality and positive traits. It defines you as a person and affects your reputation. The technology in this day and age helps us to become the best. So, making an effort to look cool and amazing in every DP image helps to build a strong social media image. There is no doubt that an image can tell a lot about a person. And, we need to remember that Whatsapp DP image is the first impression we make in front of others. Besides, we get only one chance to make a good first impression. Therefore, it is crucial to not take it as a minor part of the social media image. A good DP image will let your personality shine through.

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